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'Hello, I hate you, won't you tell me your name'

A reminder to not give up your right to protest. EVER!!!
Jon Fox

Ed Naha: 'Hello, I hate you, won't you tell me your name'Date: Sunday, August 22 @ 07:31:14 EDTTopic: Activism

By Ed Naha
"Are you planning to be involved in any criminal acts at the national conventions? Do you know anybody who is? Are you aware that if you assist or know anybody planning any criminal acts and do not report them, it's a crime?"
These were the nifty questions asked of Ms. Sarah Bardwell, one of several anti-war, anti-Bush activists questions by the FBI, recently. She declined the lovely suited men an answer as they hovered in front of her door.
She called the ACLU.
Heeere we go, again! Let's get into that Wayback machine to revisit J. Edgar Hoover and Biggus Dickus Nixon at the height of their paranoia. Everyone who disagreed with their war, their national policy, were scum! A THREAT! Or, in today's Gomer terminology, DADGUM HOME-GROWN TAIRISTS!

Thanks to a few articles in "The New York Times," we know that the Bushistas are honing in on anyone who might want to protest the Repug Convention in New York later this month; interviewing them before the fact to frighten them from actually marching.
(Coincidence? Florida Repugs are trying to frighten elderly blacks from mailing in their votes in November because of a tippy-top secret "voter fraud" investigation. Jeb? Just bite me. You'll never get beyond junior puppy Fascist status.)
But, what we don't really get, as a nation, is the fact that this Bushit has been going on for years. In fact, since Dubya took the throne.
After Dubya blew it on 9/11 and started growing more and more paranoid over his "New Crusade" polkas, and after he knighted little Johnnie "the Crooner" Ashcroft as head of his brown shirts, the FBI started to goose-step. Big Time.
Before the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, the FBI (with the help of the Denver, Colorado Police) compiled a list of individuals affiliated with groups that might impose a risk to the Olympics or the security of the United States.
Those groups included: anarchists, militia, white supremacists, black extremists, animal rights extremists, radical Islamic extremists, environmentalists, European origin extremists, Latin origin extremists and Asian origin extremists. In other words? Everybody. Oh, yeah. They also had their eye on the American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker peace organization.
What's next? The angry Amish? Blind people with a bad attitude? Cats who scratch?
In short: if you don't like're an extremist and should be dealt with. You're not a mere protester, you're a domestic terrorist threat. Pick your own terrorist code color and we can toss you into jail as a threat for no reason whatsoever.
In terms of ferreting out people who MIGHT oppose Dubya and show up in New York for the GOP convention? Well, the FBI sez they're not really picking groups at random. Just the bad guys.
"We're not engaging in surveillance of groups or individuals without legal predication," says Jim Margolin, spokesman for the New York office of the FBI.
I'm not sure if that can be any murkier. Um, who targets these groups? Are militia groups given the same scrutiny as, let's say, PETA?
Ann Roman, a spokeswoman for the Secret Service, says agents are expected to respond to an increase in possible domestic threats against President Bush and other dignitaries as the convention at Madison Square Garden nears. The Secret Service is, of course, playing a lead role in planning convention security.
Okie-dokee. Are you getting this? They've just declared that anti-Bushites pose a threat to the dignitaries at the convention.
What dignitaries?
Any world leaders going to attend?
Or just the usual Republican assholes?
(Oh, and while you're singing "The Star Spangled Banner?" The intelligence unit of the NYPD has been monitoring Web sites run by self-described anarchists - as in anybody but Bush - for over a year. On another front, the family of Staff Sgt. Joseph Darby, the brave man who alerted the world to the Abu Ghraib prison abuses, has had to go undercover with armed protection because of death threats. Hello, brave new world. The New Dumbya order is here. Goose-step in time, now. Or else.)
On October 25, 2003, the FBI issued a memo (#89), that, basically made it clear that anyone in any demonstration against Shrub was an enemy of the state. If you're my age and marching?(I'm 54 and limping). If you're my Dad's age and marching? (He's 83 and using inhalers.). You're dead meat. A potential tairist.
To quote the memo: "...the possibility exists that elements of the activist community may attempt to engage in violent, destructive, disruptive acts....
"Protesters often use the internet to recruit, raise funds, and coordinate their activities prior to demonstrations. (SO, WE'LL SPY ON THEM.) Activists may also make use of training camps (LIKE THOSE A-RAB TAIRISTS!) to rehearse tactics and counter-strategies for dealing with the police and to resolve any logistical issues.
"Traditional demonstration tactics by which protesters draw attention to their causes include marches, banners, and forms of passive resistance such as sit-ins. (WELL, THAT'S EXCEEDINGLY VIOLENT. LIKE, UHHH, GHANDI WAS?)
"Extremist elements may engage in more aggressive tactics that can include vandalism, physical harassment of delegates (YELLING?) , trespassing (OOOOOH) , the formation of human chains (JOINING ARMS?) or shields, makeshift barricades, devices used against mounted police units (WHY WOULD MOUNTED POLICE BE USED AGAINST PEOPLE WHO WERE YELLING AND LINKING ARMS?), and the use of weapons such as projectiles and homemade bombs. (HOW MANY TIMES HAS THAT HAPPENED?)
"Even the more peaceful techniques can create a climate of disorder (I THINK THAT'S THE POINT, DUDE) , block access to a site (AND...?), draw large members of police to a specific location in order to weaken security at other locations, obstruct traffic (MASS JAYWALKING?), and possibly intimidate people from attending the events being protested. (GIMME A BREAK.)
"During the course of a demonstration, activists often communicate with one another using cell phones or radios to coordinate activities or to update colleagues about ongoing events. (ONLY BECAUSE THEY DON'T LIKE HOMING PIGEONS IN NEW YORK.) Other types of media equipment (video cameras, photographic equipment, audio tape recorders, microphones, and computer and radio equipment) may be used for documenting potential cases of police brutality and for distribution of information over the internet. (REALLY? WHO ELSE IS GOING TO COVER IT? FOX?)
"Extremists may be prepared to defend themselves against law enforcement officials during the course of a demonstration. Masks (gas masks, goggles, scarves, scuba masks, filter masks, and sunglasses) can serve to minimize the effects of tear gas and pepper spray as well as obscure one's identity. Extremists may also employ shields (trash can lids, sheets of plexiglass, truck tire inner tubes, etc.) and body protection equipment (layered clothing, hard hats and helmets, sporting equipment, life jackets, etc.) to protect themselves during marches. Activists may also use intimidation techniques such as videotaping the swarming of police officers to hinder the arrest of other demonstrators. (ISN'T THIS CALLED 'EXERCISING YOUR FREEDOM' AS OPPOSED TO USING 'INTIMIDATION TECHNIQUES?')
"After demonstrations, activists are usually reluctant to cooperate with law enforcement officials. (DUUUUH) They seldom carry any identification papers and often refuse to divulge any information about themselves or other protesters. Post-demonstration activities can include fundraising in support of the legal defense of accused protesters and demonstrations of solidarity calling for the release of the accused.
"Law enforcement agencies should be alert to these possible indicators of protest activity and report any potential illegal acts to the nearest FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force."
Oh, DUHHHH SQAURED. Shaddup. We're back in Nixon territory but with better electronic toys. HOW DO YOU DEFINE 'POTENTIAL ILLEGAL ACTS?'
Are you all addicted to Magic 8-Balls? Can you divine the future with Tarot Cards? (Because, apparently, the CIA and FBI can't do it with intelligence. If they could? We'd still have the Twin Towers standing.)
And what about these protesters?
Do you judge these potential illegal activists by the color of their skin? Their political beliefs? Their size? Their shape? The length of their hair? Their age? The way they walk? If they wear turbans? Bowler hats? Head-bands?
When I was protesting 'Nam, Nixon always sent his undercover shills in by the truckload. They were the guys who had bad haircuts and who talked like "Rolling Stone" magazine articles the way no kid did. (If you're young and reading this and you're into MTV? Any protester who talks that Jive crap that's spooned to you via the airwaves? He's a Fed. Nobody talks that way 24/7. Trust me. F'er shizzle. If it's a gal who looks like a Rap-video dancer? Avoid her. Anything that seems too good to be true, is.)
The Feds were always the ones in the group to instigate violence.
They were the ones urging us on, trying to get us to that angry place we never wanted to reach.
Remember that.
That's what they're there for.
(At one Nam protest, I had to shout a Fed down after he noticed the American flag had been left up after dark in front of a City Hall. "Tear it down," the mullet-haired, loaerf-wearing, jerk-off screamed, looking like a Three-Dog Night poster child.
"Go Cheney yourself!" I cried through a bull-horn. "That's what the cops want us to do!!!" I, then turned to the half dozen open City Hall windows where a dozen shadowy Feds armed with cameras watched me. I did a little jig. The flag stayed at full-staff. We had our protest gathering. We left. The Feds went home at half-staff.
Bottom line?
If you're heading for New York and the Bush Bash?


Don't let anything stop you.

If you're afraid?

You have good reason to be.

This Administration will do everything to CRUSH Nixon's did when I marched and protested in the '60's and '70's.
This country has reached the tipping point.
We're falling towards the Dark Side.
Your presence may reverse that.
March. Protest. Walk towards the light.
Sheer evil can't stand the light.
And this Administration is nothing short of evil.
Watch it shrivel come November.
When Darkness falls.
And the light shines, once more.
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