Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Webmaster's update. Welcome Air America Listeners and Truth Seekers!

Welcome Air America Listeners and Mike Malloy "Truth Seekers"!
Thank you for all the traffic. I hope all our resources are useful to you. There will always be more to come.
Speaking of New? Please check out the new commentary entries by our own Gail Thomas. She's got her degree in English and Media Studies, and a flair with a search engine. These and other tid bits will be in our brand new Blog. Check it out at where summaries and links to the full text can be found. send us your comments at the blog.
I'm also building a "No Frames" version of 12thharmonic. For those of you with small resolutions, or browsers that don't handle frames. Give it a test drive! Still a bug or two to work out. I'll get to it in time. Please leave your comments.
Don't forget to get your free web based email account on the main page or
Special thanks to the folks at for the link. You Rock!!!
Till next time,
Jon Fox

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