Tuesday, September 14, 2004

As President Blocks Ban and Refuses to Meet With Police, Half a Million Urge Bush, Congressional Leaders to Renew Assault Weapons Ban

Ignoring expert advice to pursue their own agenda is a way of life for these people. It should be borne in mind that unlike library books, gun purchase records are exempt from Homeland Security dept. access.

Petitions, Being Delivered Today, Are Another Indication Of Strong Support For Renewal of the Ban, As Deadline Approaches, Momentum In Favor of Ban Continues to Build

WASHINGTON, Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Over 500,000 petitions are being delivered later today to President George W. Bush, Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert and Majority Leader Bill Frist asking them to stop blocking renewal of the Assault Weapons Ban.

President Bush has so far opted to block the ban's renewal via a strategy of silence, forcing the ban to simply expire next week rather than ask Congressional leaders to vote on its renewal. The hundreds of thousands of petitions were gathered by a variety of groups, including StopTheNRA.com, TomsPetition.org, MoveOn.org and True Majority.

On Friday morning, the White House officially refused to meet with law enforcement leaders about saving the assault weapons ban. The International Association of Chiefs of Police had requested a meeting, offering to send police chiefs to meet with the President on any date that the White House chose. The White House response said the President would not meet with the police due to a "scheduling conflict." (Again, the IACP had not requested any specific date or time for the meeting.)

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