Friday, September 10, 2004

Family Matters "How the lies have divided mine!"

I don't know how far back to start. So I'll just cut to the chase.

I grew up in a repug-lican home. I drank the Kool-aid for years. I believed it too. Even when reality showed me otherwise. I'm what you would call an independent! I've voted Repug, Dem and Green. I've also not voted in protest. I regret that one. I now think mandatory voting is a good idea. Living in Australia has proved that to me.Your democracy is a responsibility. A few minutes every couple of years should not be considered too much to ask. Remember 'By the People for the people?' One must participate.

I remember back in 1980 or 1984 one of Reagan's runs. My step-father announced that the family was to vote Republican straight down the ticket! This was at a family dinner. "Father said and they all follow" I found this peculiar at the time. I put that down to being a naive teen-ager.

Now I see it as Scary! To cast your vote without thought? I don't think my family was the only one. I believe we are now paying the price.

I don't know how many of my step siblings swallowed this pronouncement by my step-father. Don't get me wrong. I think this man is a good man. It's his judgement and curiosity I have reservations about. I do believe he sees me as some sort of threat. All because of politics. More specific, the fact I'm active and on "The Wrong Side" as far as he's concerned. Not very democratic.

My question to him, if we would ever have a civil conversation would be:
Why are you so afraid of real debate?

I have many questions for him. I doubt I'll ever get to ask. Over the past couple of years. The relationship between myself and my whole family has become so strained it's almost gone! Why? My Loving partner and I started to ask real questions. And we were with the 500,000 people in Sydney at the pre-war demonstrations. We were seeing through the lies in the piss-weak mainstream media. My family was not impressed.

I believe my mom and step-dad are donors to the RNC. I don't like the fact you need money to have an opinion in the modern world. Also not very democratic!

Most conversations end with them hanging up on me. When you ask what I'm up to, I'm not going to lie. I'm working with Democrats Abroad. And my Industry (Audio and Production)is being killed by the likes of clear channel and media consolidation. It's a fact. Yet they blame me for choosing a terrible industry and somehow it's my fault! I didn't realize my mother the lifelong pianist and Piano teacher hated the music industry. And it is an industry. A bloody big one. I'll post at some time about my issues with my own industry in the future.

Before my blood father died he called me a communist. I asked him to define communism. his reply was "everything bad". I'm not a communist first, and his ignorance was amazing. It didn't suprise me. Sorry Dad.

Then the ultimate happened yesterday. I rang my favorite Aunt and Uncle yesterday. My uncle is not in the best of health. I try to ring from time to time. Find out how they are. No politics! They have cancelled each other out at almost every election for decades.

The call started normal. My Aunt answers the phone, Hi, how are you the usual. My uncle gets on the extension and jumps down my thoat. He tells me "I should be home in the U.S. and not here on this Island" I replied "I don't know if I want to be there now"

He proceded to call it a "little war". And 1000 dead were well worth it. I was amazed. At this point my Aunt is pleading with him to stop. I was pleading as well. I only wanted to see how they were doing. She got so upset she hung up.

From there He told me, "I was on the hook with him" and hung up. He also told me to get back with my ex-wife! A woman who for three years accused me of sleeping with every woman I ever worked with. Sorry, no one can take that for to long. It crushed my marriage. Somehow my politics have made this my fault. I don't get it? It's somehow similar to Osama+9/11=Iraq logic. Proved over and over to be false. As were the accusations of infidellity put towards me. I can say without hesitation I was loyal, even when I was sick of the lack of trust.

Shortly after the abrupt end of the conversation. I was listening to Mike Malloy. He played a beautiful arrangement of tapps on air. Gail and I wept. 1000 dead over a lie and someones profits. Like the "Big Dick" vice resident.

Why is it Shrub refuses to honour these men and women. And why do I have to rely on a radio host to do it! Thank You Mike Malloy and your producer for honouring the fallen in such a beautiful way. I doubt we were the only ones to weep. I'm happy to still have feelings. Even when they hurt.

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