Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Jimmy Carter fears repeat of election fiasco in Florida

Julian Borger in Washington
Tuesday September 28, 2004
The Guardian

Jimmy Carter, the former US president, has said Florida lacks "some basic international requirements for a fair election" and a repeat of the 2000 election fiasco "seems likely".

Mr Carter said reforms recommended after the recount in Florida had still not been implemented "because of inadequate funding or political disputes".

Mr Carter, who runs an election and human rights centre in Atlanta, accused election officials working for Florida's governor, Jeb Bush, the president's brother, of being "highly partisan".

They were "brazenly violating a basic need for an unbiased and universally trusted authority to manage all elements of the electoral process".

"The disturbing fact is that a repetition of the problems of 2000 now seems likely, even as many other nations are conducting elections that are internationally certified to be transparent, honest and fair," Mr Carter writes in a commentary reprinted in today's Guardian.

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