Monday, September 06, 2004

Pentagon to 'investigate' Kerry's medals

Navy probes Kerry medals
By Julian Coman
September 6, 2004
The Age

The Pentagon has ordered an investigation into the awarding of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry's five Vietnam War decorations.

The highly unusual inquiry is to be carried out by the Inspector-General's Office of the US Navy. Senator Kerry served as a Swift boat captain for four months in 1968, serving two tours of duty in Vietnam...
... the navy has agreed to a request by Judicial Watch, a bipartisan lobby group, for a full inquiry.

As TalkLeft report, Judicial Watch is anything but bipartisan. It receives regular donations from Richard Mellon Scaife, whose links with the Bush regime are well known.

Judicial Watch founder and former Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman just lost his primary bid for the U.S. Senate in Florida. He is, as his senate site describes,

a Leading Enemy of Bill and Hillary Clinton and their "comrades" like Senators Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer, and Charles Schumer of the "great left wing conspiracy".

Whose running Judicial Watch now? Tom Fitton. From his company's website:

Tom Fitton, 30, of Washington, DC, is the Editor and Publisher of Opinion, Inc. In addition to running Opinion, Inc., Fitton is separately President of Judicial Watch, Inc., a conservative legal watchdog group.

Every time I think this regime has got as low as it is possible to go, they find a new depth to sink to. Are they even pretending to be democratic anymore? Its one thing to know, intellectually, that they will do anything to retain power but its another to actually bear witness to the obscene mechanisms of a fascist regime strangling democracy by gradual increments day by day, week by week.

Until 2000 I took democracy for granted. It simply never occurred to me that democracy in the Western world would ever be under threat, it having been so hard won and with all the lessons of history at our disposal.

I can't stop having democratic expectations, and thus I am in a permanent state of outrage.

More fool me for my naivete. All the same, I am grieving my lost innocence.

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