Thursday, September 30, 2004

Republicans see big trouble in Little Havana

According to The Age, Bush may not be able to depend on the Hispanic vote in Florida:

...the new immigrants and children of the exiles, are changing the voting patterns of the nearly one million strong community.

"Cuba is still an issue but it is less important to them," Mr Hernandez said. "Their sympathies are more with the Democrats than the Republicans." Just this month, Mr Hernandez and his foundation lost their executive director, 39-year-old Joe Garcia, when he went to work for the New Democrat Network. This new Hispanic lobby group has launched a tough anti-Bush advertisement on Spanish radio and television in Miami...

...Recently, the White House brought down new measures against Cuba. The most controversial one allowed Cuban Americans to visit their families back home only once every three years instead of once a year. The idea was to stop the flow of US dollars from the family travellers.

But the measure has been unpopular with newer Cuban Americans and led to ugly splits among Los Historicos. "In my opinion they made a mistake," said Mr Hernandez. "Because, largely, the Cuban people continue to place the family in front of everything else. That is going to have some effect on the way Cubans vote in November."

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