Sunday, October 10, 2004

The Americanisation of Australia

So Australia has declared its enthusiasm for its role as George Bush's whore. I feel debased.

This is good news for our pimp:

In the United States, President Bush congratulated "my good friend Prime Minister John Howard, who won a great victory".

The Christian Science Monitor comments on US-style politics Down Under:

Candidates for prime minister in Saturday's election were influenced by operatives trained in the US.
| Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor :

The Americanization of Saturday's Australian general election became evident when journalists began asking each other if the Labor Party's Mark Latham was looking "presidential" yet.

They were only half joking. It's no longer good enough for an aspiring prime minister to be just the leader of a bunch of parliamentarians. He has to stand head and shoulders above every one else - in other words, be more like the president of the United States.

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The Independent says:

John Howard's Don't Mention the War strategy paid dividends this week as he sailed decisively to a historic fourth term as Prime Minister in a victory guaranteeing that Australian troops will stay in Iraq indefinitely...

...Mr Howard, one of President George Bush's closest allies during last year's invasion of Iraq, refused to apologise for going to war after this week's damning weapons report from the White House...

...This time, moral issues took a back seat, with both leaders making frenzied funding promises. Voter disillusionment with the major parties resulted in a strong showing for the Greens, now claiming to be Australia's third political force.

Mr Howard's win means that Australia's 900 troops will remain in Iraq for the foreseeable future. Mr Latham had pledged to have them home by Christmas. The question of an Australian republic, too, will remain firmly off the agenda.

Mr Howard, a staunch monarchist, drew inspiration from Margaret Thatcher, who once advised him never to apologise. He has steadfastly refused to say sorry for past injustices, such as the forced removal of Aboriginal children from their families.

The Sunday Herald:

Economy matters more than Iraq as Australians vote in pro-war Howard for historic fourth term.

...Howard sensed the mood of the nation when, earlier this week, he steadfastly refused to apologise for taking his country to war .

“I don’t apologise for one moment for the fact that we joined in getting rid of Saddam Hussein,” Howard said.

While the decision to go to war was deeply unpopular in Australia, with mass rallies attracting the biggest anti-war crowds since the Vietnam war protests of the 1960s, something curious happened in the 18 months since the fall of Baghdad.


His defeat by Howard will be good news for US President George Bush, who also faces a tough fight for re-election next month against Senator John Kerry, like Latham a strident critic of the US Iraq policy.

In his victory speech, Howard referred to his close alliance with Washington in both Iraq and Afghanistan...

My vision of Australia has morphed into something really ugly overnight. A people whose fear, greed and selfishness enables them to turn a blind eye to children imprisoned in their own country, to the killing of the children of Iraq so America can get fat on their blood. Australia says lie to me, cheat, steal wreak whatever havoc you want on the planet and the peoples of the rest of the world just chuck me a fat bribe at election time and I'll kiss any arse you tell me to. I don't care if Iraqi children are being blown to pieces, they are not my safe, white children so I don't give a shit. Kill them, kill the planet, foster hate and oppression, just don't take away my SUV and my swimming pool because the person who has the most things when he dies, wins, doesn't he?

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