Saturday, October 16, 2004

Axing the ABC news feed

We are about to Axe the ABC news feed. After complaining over a week ago about our Australian Broadcasting Corp news feed running ads for the Republican party we still haven't heard anything from them and it hasn't stopped.

What is an Australian station, supposedly free of government and commercial interests doing running any ads in their news feed, let alone ads such as today's: "ADV: Help President Bush Beat Kerry"? The news feeds we have from commercial news organisations don't put ads in them, why is the ABC doing it?

News feeds are a form of broadcast media as far as I'm concerned and this is a breach of the ABC's code of practice. We signed up for a news feed from a source widely perceived as reliable and politically neutral (or as neutral as is realistically possible). Having this kind of crap appear on our front page was definitely not what we expected from them.

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