Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Chickenhawks shouldn't count their chickens

More on my favourite theme: How Bush's abuse of the military will be his downfall. That should probably read Moore on - the following are extracts from troops' letters to Michael Moore published in The Guardian. If Bush (that should probably read moron) is delusional enough to think that he can count on the military vote he is in for a big surprise.

Beyond that, the government is calling up more and more troops from the reserves. For what? Man, there is a huge fucking scam going on here! There are civilian contractors crawling all over this country. Blackwater, Kellogg Brown & Root, Halliburton, on and on. These contractors are doing everything you can think of from security to catering lunch!
His silence and refusal to speak under oath to the 9/11 Commission further mocks our country. The Patriot Act violates every principle we fight and die for. And all of this has been during his first term. Can you imagine his policies when he doesn't have to worry about re-election? We can't allow that to happen, and there are so many like me in the military who feel this way. We were lied to and used. And there aren't words to describe the sense of betrayal I feel as a result

Will They Ever Trust Us Again? Letters from the Warzone to Michael Moore by Michael Moore, published by Allen Lane on October 7.

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