Friday, October 01, 2004

Disappointed Guardian Reader

A reader opines on the Guardian's disturbingly uncritical reaction to Blair's speech:

So Tony Blair's speech was "low-key, conversational and reasoned" (Leader, September 29). And his "apology" on Iraq was a "rightly well-received milestone in his fragile rehabilitation with his critics".

No matter that he abused the intelligence on WMD, overrode security warnings about unleashing more terrorist attacks, and deceived the country over the"threat" posed by Iraq. No matter that he then launched an illegal and immoral invasion that has led to tens of thousands of deaths, a further destabilised Middle East, a weakened UN, and increased the threat to Britons everywhere.

Even a kindly, if myopic, critic might conclude that Blair's political judgment on Iraq and in supporting Bush was sufficiently bad to demand his resignation. A more dispassionate critic might well go further: that Blair ought to be tried for war crimes. As for the Guardian? Well, clearly, you'd rather remain part of some agreement between reasonable gentlemen of the establishment. Future historians will note your dishonourable role in propping up Blair.
Dr David Cromwell

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