Thursday, October 14, 2004

Howard's tongue needs to be surgically removed from Bush's butt

I can't decide if I want to throw up or punch something. The only comfort is the knowledge that as far as the rest of the world is concerned Howard is an insignificant, deluded little twat and Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of the US. Howard appears to think that his re-election by a bunch of self-serving whores is somehow an endorsement of Bush. Very wrong. Howard was re-elected because he bribed people into dissociating his party from its tongue up arse relationship with Bush. The vast majority of Australians hate Bush as much as the rest of the world and at least 50% of Americans do. If Howard thinks any other country gives a stuff about his opinion he really is suffering from delusions of grandeur. Population wise Australia is a small country and Howard is a small man with small mean mind and tiny morals.

The Prime Minister yesterday all but endorsed George Bush's re-election as he told an international audience that his emphatic election win was a vindication of Australia's stance to "stay and finish the job" in Iraq.

With strong global interest in the Australian poll as the first of several referenda on the war in Iraq, John Howard and the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Alexander Downer, hit foreign media outlets to help out partners in the US-led coalition of the willing.

With the US soon to go to the polls and Iraq looming as a far more significant issue, Mr Howard said he could work with whoever became president.

However, while Mr Howard paid lip service to diplomatic impartiality, he waxed lyrical about Mr Bush's leadership and studiously avoided complimenting his Democrat challenger, John Kerry.

"George Bush always sends a very clear cut strong view and, in the end in politics, that is very important," he told CNN. "People will vote for you because they respect the strength and consistency of your view, even though on a given issue they may not agree with you."

Mr Howard's son Richard is working for Mr Bush's re-election campaign and the Prime Minister has a close relationship with his US counterpart, whom he saluted yesterday as consultative, yet decisive.

"I respect him very much as an individual and a very strong leader and I think that the strength of his stand against terrorism has been very important."

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