Thursday, October 07, 2004

More Australian Media Angst

Robert Corr reports that Fairfax's Melbourne newspaper The Age has been instructed by Sydney headquarters that they will, against the wishes of The Age's editorial staff, be backing Howard. The Age has a left leaning readership, but the time has clearly passed when the corporate controllers of Fairfax gave a stuff about that.

The coverage, especially of world news has been really abysmal in The Age's sister paper the Sydney Morning Herald of late. For instance, the Bush Kerry debate: whilst the left were delirious with joy at the total trouncing Kerry gave Bush the Herald ran with the headline "No Knockout blow in first face off

Little wonder that so many Australians are oblivious to the greater ramifications of their vote in the elections that are just a couple of days away. The Australian media, with the exception of SBS are doing nothing to set things in their global context.

I would usually launch into an angry rant about now, but I'm too depressed.

Read the whole sorry story at Robert's site Kick & Scream

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