Wednesday, October 13, 2004

"not being able to feel," A psychiatrist on Bush and Satan Dick!

This was on the Unfiltered Blog today.

On the topic of "not being able to feel," this related material hit my inbox yesterday. It came to me unattributed, but I found it a really interesting read - particularly the section on Cheney...


A psychiatrist, with years of clinical experience, who works for the local government, offered the following clinical analysis of the conduct of President Bush and Vice President Cheney in their respective debates.

On Bush: The President clearly suffers from a severe paranoia that causes him to greatly fear situations in which he is exposed to people hostile to his delusional viewpoints. Bush entered the debate exhibiting this paranoia, which caused him to enter a thick "shell mode", rendering him incapable of responding to events or personalities. "Bush was in his own world, his own protective psychological shell. To `get through to the other side' [to make it through the debate--lsw], he essentially blotted out all reality, proceeding from some kind of
programmed response to prompts; when the expected prompts did not
occur, he could not formulate responses and was reduced to mumbling
repetitions of memorized formulations."

The source said that the debate format -- especially the lack of any audience response that might have been positive to his mumblings -- locked him deeper into this shell. In this state, Bush was completely
unaware that his infantile reactions were being witnessed by millions, nor did he have any control over them. "It would not have mattered even if the lights went off while he was speaking, his paranoid fear had left him so unaware of the world outside his shell."

Individuals such as Bush, the source stated, despite their bravura, need to be constantly reassured, and absent that reassurance, tend to fall apart. This type of psychopathological behavior is characteristic of a person "who is easily manipulated by those who offer reassurances, who reinforce their delusions."

The source said that Bush is a clinically pathetic case, who cannot think about any actions or decisions in a stressful situation, but must act from within a paranoid shell, who is the easy prey of strong-willed people, on whom he must depend.

On Cheney: This man is a sociopath -- he is devoid of both conscience and access to his emotions, other than pure rage. As such, it is the most dangerous type of disorder, since such people are not human in any way that a normal person can understand: they might look human, but are incapable of relating to people as human beings. This is clear from his eyes and facial expression: the glare lets us seek through the mask, to the intense rage beneath it. Edwards was freaked out by this --
it is unlikely that he had ever sat down so close to this type of sociopath. Think what must be going through his head as he
looks across the table at this monster.

That is the way such people try control others, with an intense effort to impose their will through using that monster-like characteristic of their personalities. Cheney's behavior is cold-bloodedly rational,
uninfluenced by truth, or even the response of the other person(s).

"I feel sorry for Edwards -- someone sat him across a small table from a killer, who sits there glaring at him. One can provoke such an individual by standing up to him as one stands up to a bully, by countering his assertions and lies, but you have to be prepared for the horrible rage that will explode outward. I guess he wasn't prepared for that, but I think that, regardless, many people will come away terrified of Dick Cheney."
Posted by: Irys at October 12, 2004 10:59 AM (EST)

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