Saturday, October 02, 2004

The Persecution of the Bigleys

Whilst hostage Kenneth Bigley and his family plead with Tony Blair to intercede with his captors , Mr Bigley's brother had his home raided by police:

Armed intelligence officers yesterday raided the Amsterdam home of Paul Bigley, the brother of British hostage Ken Bigley, in the hunt for Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of the Arab terrorist group which is believed to be holding him.

An intelligence officer from the Foreign Office is alleged to have accompanied the Dutch intelligence officers during the raid. They seized Mr Bigley's computer and interrogated him about his alleged contacts with the Tawhid and Jihad group, which yesterday claimed responsibility for the Baghdad car bombings that claimed the lives of at least 35 children.

Material from Mr Bigley's computer hard-disk was downloaded and sent back for analysis in Britain and he was also forced to make a five-page statement.

AAP reported that:

It later transpired that the officials were simply police family liaison officers.

It is understood they may have looked at emails Bigley said he had received from around the world to see if there was anything that could help in the ongoing efforts to secure his brother's release.

Apparently the officers demands for Mr Bigley's computer data and that he made a 5 page statement about his activities didn't do much to persuade him that they were on his side.

AAP goes on to say:

"No British official of any kind has raided Paul Bigley's home," a Foreign Office spokeswoman stressed.
They do not point out the contradictions between these two statements, nor do they source the information that the officials were simply police liaison officers.

Reuters is even more specific:

Paul Bigley, brother of hostage Kenneth Bigley, said the raid happened two days ago but a spokeswoman for the London Foreign Office said neither British nor Dutch officials had carried out such a raid.

"There was no raid," she said. "No British officials of any kind have raided Paul Bigley's home."

Perhaps Mr Bigley is the first to evince the symptoms of a new syndrome in which vocal critics of Blair start hallucinating policemen.

Meanwhile Tony Blair has been undergoing a heart procedure. Doctors have yet to say whether or not they found one.

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