Thursday, October 14, 2004

Power Cut

A longer than usual gap between posts owing to a power cut last night that lasted from 5pm to midnight. Yesterday was the hottest October day on record in Sydney. I blame Exxon!

Energy Australia blamed the power cut on a possible fire at the substation. Surely they know whether they had a fire at the substation or not. My guess is that everyone turned their air-conditioners etc on at once and it was too much for the system.

Personally I hate air-conditioning. If I wanted to be in a cold environment I would have stayed in England. Sydney operates on a 9-5 basis, even when its 35 degrees centigrade. They rely on air-conditioning to be able to do it. If everyone would just live according to the season - get up early, have a siesta when it gets stinking hot - they could potentially save a lot of electricity. Whoops! My idealism is showing.

It nevertheless seems to me that everyone in hot Western world cities like Sydney is fighting nature. As Daniel Quinn points out in Ishmael, the ultimate goal of the desire to conquer nature is to kill it, which is suicide.

Australia's reservoirs are down to 30 to 40 percent. Some of them will be empty by May if the drought keeps up. This is being treated as a problem when it should be treated as a crisis. Australia is one of the first countries to be affected by global warming, it is one of the most vulnerable, but idiot Howard will not sign the Kyoto treaty! The short-sightedness beggars belief. Whoever has the most things when he dies wins. Screw future generations. Screw the planet if it interferes with rich white men's bank balances.

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