Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Question Mark over Maccas

From the Iconic to the Ironic: The Guardian reports that MacDonalds are planning to drop the golden arches logo in favour of a giant question mark. I kid you not. This gives sooo much ammunition to Macca mockers like me (ie, people who only eat food). A question mark over the fat and plastic contents of their menu, a question mark over their quality, a question mark over their future and obviously a question mark over the sanity of their marketing department.

Sandra Laville
Wednesday October 13, 2004
The Guardian

The golden arches of McDonald's are among the three most recognisable images across the globe. From the third world through to the developed west, only Coca-Cola and the crucifix are better known. Consider then just how far outside the box a group of advertising executives were thinking at the brainstorming session which came up with this one. Ronald McDonald should ditch his golden arches and opt instead for ... a great big question mark.

Leaked to a marketing magazine yesterday, news of the temporary rebranding - which was due to be launched across the country on Friday - left communications staff and advertising executives desperately trying to regain ground.

Locked in meetings at McDonald's UK headquarters at east Finchley, north London, they emerged later to mount a vigorous defence of the new advertising campaign in which the iconic arches are replaced by a golden query, intended to signify a change in the brand from junk food to healthy eating.

No, it had nothing to do with recent figures which saw profits at its 770 British restaurants fall by 71% to £23m last year. Neither did the box office hit Super Size Me, which charts the catastrophic effect on film director Morgan Spurlock of a month-long diet of only McDonald's food, have anything to do with the decision.

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