Monday, October 11, 2004

US TV stations Run Bush Proaganda as News

Republican propaganda masquerading as news and journalists get points for propagandising. I guess I shouldn't even be surprised anymore, except that even under the ragged remains of US media regulations this is still illegal.

The Guardian

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Bush administration has promoted its education law with a video that comes across as a news story but fails to make clear the reporter involved was paid with taxpayer money.

The government used a similar approach this year in promoting the new Medicare law and drew a rebuke from the investigative arm of Congress, which found the videos amounted to propaganda in violation of federal law.

The Education Department also has paid for rankings of newspaper coverage of the No Child Left Behind law, a centerpiece of the president's domestic agenda. Points are awarded for stories that say President Bush and the Republican Party are strong on education, among other factors.

The news ratings also rank individual reporters on how they cover the law, based on the points system set up by Ketchum, a public relations firm hired by the government.

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